Voice of Judah

God’s Warriors in the Last Days…

We are living in a unique time in the history of humanity.

Now is the calm before the storm. Everything looks ok on the outside, and most people are living life as usual. But on the inside – in the heart and plans of God, and in the spiritual undercurrents which move throughout the earth and have great effect in the natural – everything is quite UN-usual. God’s prophetic timeclock is clicking and we are getting nearer to the end of the Age. The crescendo of God’s plans for the end of the Age has been spoken of by all the prophets, by Moses and the Torah, by Jesus and by the writers of the New Testament.

The end of the Age will be an unprecedented time of economic chaos, war and conflict, confusion and despair. People’s hearts will fail them because of fear. The magnitude of events to come will cause emotional crises on a global scale that have never been seen before on the earth. The only thing that will enable us to stand in days to come will be to have our hearts and hopes set on the One-to-come. He will come to make the wrongs right. He will restore righteousness and justice on the earth, ushering in peace and harmony.

Right now God is raising up people who are radically in love with Him. They desire His heart and His plans for the future. They have been, and are now, being trained through difficult circumstances to find joy in God and trust Him through the trials of life. They are greatly esteemed and well known by the heavenly host, though they may be unknown in the earth. Their names are written in the Book of Life and on the palms of the Lamb. Courage is a foundation of their character, but they may not realize it. Their hearts are wellsprings of life and love which they share with others. They long for God’s righteousness and justice in the earth. They love God, and they love others freely. These will be God’s warriors in the last days.

“Warriors like this do not just happen.

I search the earth for those desiring to participate in My last day plan. I search for hearts who are willing to learn. When I find one, I take them on a journey, giving them tools with which to practice.

Every practice session increases something strong and mighty; warrior muscles built through flex upon flex of resistance. Strong muscles built with the solid fibers of faith, hope, courage and love.

The more these qualities are experienced, the more they grow and build into a last day warrior with the vision of a king.

One day he will rule and reign with his enemies under his feet.

Government, divine government, built by My scepter, not by man.”

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